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The Scholarship Fund

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Digital Opportunity for Corpus Christi's kids
While technology transforms the nature of opportunity in the workplace, schools, and society, thousands of low-income young children and their families are not able to benefit from the digital revolution. While we work hard to keep Texas Techies Computer Classes affordable, we recognize not every family has the means to pay. 

The goal of The Texas Techies Scholarship Fund is to make sure that technology opportunities are extend to all young children in Corpus Christi, particularly those in underserved families and communities.
Texas Techies can equip all of Corpus Christi's children with the 21st Century Skills they need to compete in a global economy, use technology to improve children's school readiness and enthusiasm to learn, enable all children to have access to digital technology tools at school and at home, and establish a 21st Century infrastructure to extend the benefits of technology to all Corpus Christi children and their families.
At a critical time in their development, many have not had the opportunity to learn how to use the tools that will be a central component in both their personal and professional lives.
Corporate sponsors like Grande Communications have proudly supported Texas Techies and are helping bridge the digital divide by “adopting” child classes and providing Texas Techies computer classes to numerous students.  Following each lesson, sponsors are provided with an attendance sheet and progress reports for the lessons.
If you are interested in the Texas Techies Scholarship program, please contact us at info@texastechies.org or 361-774-7454.
The Texas Techies Scholarship Fund is a privately funded scholarship program of Corpus Christi that provides tuition assistance to low- and moderate-income families in Corpus Christi, Texas. The mission of the scholarship fund is to help families benefit from the digital revolution and empower their children for school readiness.
Amount of Scholarship
ISF pays either $1,500 or three-fourths of a child’s annual tuition, whichever is less. In other words, if the annual tuition is less than $2,000, ISF will pay 75% of the cost. If tuition is more than $2,000, ISF will pay $1,500.
Use of the Scholarship
ISF funding can be applied toward the tuition of any private school of your choice, so long as it is a California certified private school and is located within Contra Costa or Alameda counties.
Your child does not need to already be attending or have been accepted to a private school in order to be considered for a scholarship. If you are interested in a private school education for your child, please begin to research schools you think would suit your child’s needs. The school choice you indicate on the Scholarship Application Form may be tentative, and you may choose another school at any time. You need only inform us of your final selection prior to the start of the academic school year.
Acceptance for ISF assistance is completely independent from acceptance to the private school of your choice. You must separately apply and your child be eligible for admission to the private school(s) you have selected.
We are currently partnering with Communities In Schools (CIS). CIS was chartered as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation in Corpus Christi, Texas, in 1986 by a group of business, educators, and community leaders concerned with the school's dropout rates in our community. The founders believed the dropout rate could be reduced by delivering and coordinating the delivery of campus-based social services to potential dropouts. For the past 21 years, CIS has successfully been operating in the community. From a modest beginning of three (3) schools, CIS now provides leverage and coordinates the delivery of school-based social services in 39 schools (Pre k to High School) with a large at-risk population (to inner city neighborhoods to rural communities) through partnerships with ten independent school districts and one private school in Nueces, San Patricio, Jim Wells, Kleberg and Brooks counties.