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"Lets Bridge the Digital Divide!"
As a growing leader on new and improved educational techniques, Texas Techies continues to research and discover advanced ways to effectively teach and use technology in order to live the best life ever.  We hope to take technology based education in small communities its next generation.

Texas Techies is a technology education advocacy organization.

Our mission is to ensure that all children—especially those at risk of being left behind—have the resources and the opportunities they need to grow up healthy and lead productive lives.

The motivation behind Texas Techies is to raise the profile of technology education to young children in Corpus Christi. It has three specific aims:
  1. To showcase and promote Technology Education as an important and exciting tool for community success.

2. To provide the Corpus Christi community with a new approach to motivating and enthusing students to learn.
  3. To engage Corpus Christi students in math, science, and technology, as these are the most important factors in creating tomorrow's workforce.

What will your child learn?

§         Early Literacy Skills

§         Hands-on Learning

§         Understanding of Technology Concepts 

§         Creativity

§         Thinking & Problem Solving

§         Listening Comprehension

§         Respect (for people & equipment!)

§         Teamwork

§         A Positive Attitude

§         Mathematical and Computational Concepts such as coordinates, variables, and random numbers

§         and much, much more!


What are the benefits of computer classes? The first and most important benefit of having enrolled your child in a computer class is introducing him to technology so that he is comfortable with it. Computer skills, and proficiency at using the mouse and keyboard are known to enhance the hand-eye co-ordination of children. Having sound knowledge of basic computer software is nowadays a pre-requisite for any education and providing this knowledge to your child is like preparing him for the future.


Community Success Presentation

Our approach is a unique recipe that leads to success in every child. Everything that is developed and delivered has consistent elements: children are treated with respect, expected to deliver to high expectations, and opportunities are constantly created to lead a child to success, then celebrate the satisfaction of achievement.


As a growing leader on new and improved educational techniques, Texas Techies continues to research and discover advanced ways to effectively teach young children.  Texas Techies hopes to take technology based education in Corpus Christi into its next generation.


Why computer literacy at a young age? As the benefits of information and digital technology continue to grow, there are still thousands of children and families in Texas who are severely disadvantaged because they do not have a computer or internet access in the home or the skills to use them effectively.


Why Choose Computer Classes? Computing is everywhere; it touches everyone’s daily lives. It provides an engaging way to expose students to critical thinking, a key skill for all school aged children.  We provide programs that will prepare students to become innovative and enjoy learning.


Little Techies Programs: Kids will use custom software and curriculum designed for young children to learn early-literacy skills. The nationally recognized software adjusts to each child's individual pace. Parents get access to the online Adventure Journal so that learning can continue at home & parents can review what their child is learning. 


Computer Animation Camps: Kids will learn important mathematical and computational ideas such as coordinates, variables, and random numbers, how to create interactive stories, animations, games, music, art, and start to think creatively, and reason systematically. It is intended to teach basic computer programming concepts using simple manipulations of graphics, images and shapes. More info at: http://www.texastechies.org/animator


Seeking Corporate Sponsorship: While we work hard to keep Texas Techies Computer Classes affordable, we recognize not every family has the means to pay for extras like computer classes.  Children on the other side of the 'digital divide' are not prepared to benefit from the use of technology in today’s educational system.  At a critical time in their development, many have not had the opportunity to learn how to use the tools that will be a central component in both their personal and professional lives.

Our Techie Resources are geared toward anyone who has a passion for technology based instruction and multimedia development and use. The content is a work in progress.  Contributions and suggestions for additional information and feedback are welcome.  Please feel free to contribute to the building of this site by sending your information...>>
The inclusion of materials on the site does not imply endorsement nor recommendation by Texas Techies.  This site is solely for educational purposes and assumes no liability for any claims or information contained in any of the content provided.

Techie Team

As technology and education continue to grow, Denis and Liza have seen and experienced first hand how it can lead to community success. Their passion for technology and education began from various leadership, academic, and professional experiences. Through Texas Techies, they strive to create a unique technology rich learning environment that can inspire everyone to reach their individual potential. Live your best life, using technology!

Awards Received
 - 2009, Corpus Christi Black Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur of the Year

 - 2007, WEShow Digital Video Award Nominee

 - 2007, Millennia Person for KIII-TV Channel 3 – January

 - 2004, “Change the World Award”, Women’s Center for Education and Service

Events Hosted
 - 2010 Corpus Christi Summer Fun Expo >>

 - 2009 Texas Techies Animator Competition >>

 - 2009 Grande Summer Fun Fest >>

 - 2008 Corpus Christi Child Care Fair >>

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