Adult Techies

Everyone learns best by doing.
By weaving up-front instruction and demonstration with hands-on learning, Texas Techies Community Class (TTCC) will gives you a leg up in the fast-paced world of technology.  You will be building computer skills that have real world application. You will become inspired to reach your full potential, in an atmosphere where learning is interchangeable with fun!
From beginner to advanced and everything in between, there’s a place at TTCC for everyone in your family. Beginners won’t get lost. The advanced won’t be bored. You will go home with skills that are as unique as you want to be – and the confidence to effectively apply those technology skills in your life.
PC 101: Introduction to Computers
   > Learn what computers are and how they play a major role in your daily life.
Keyboarding and Beyond
   > A fun and interactive typing course that provides guided lessons to learn step-by-step from the beginning. Learn how to type correctly in just a few classes using all your fingers.
Internet Basics and Email
  > Get an e-mail address and learn about how to navigate the internet
Word, Spreadsheets and Presentations 
    > Learn how to create web-based word documents, spreadsheets and presentations, which allow you share and collaborate online nin real time.  You will safely store and organize your work online!
Digital Picture Management 101
   > You have a camera full of what? Take this fun class that will teach you how to download your pictures into your computer and makes them look great! Come and learn how to easily share your best photos with friends and family instantly. You can even buy digital prints and order custom photo gifts in an instant.
Digital Video Editing
   > Learn how to make digital home movies. You will learn how to create home movie masterpieces on your computer using free software, and how to share them with family and friends.
Adventures in Web Design
   > This class is customized for beginner to advanced learners.  You will jump into the exciting world of web design and multimedia! In this fun filled class, you will learn to create your own interactive website using the latest technology and programs available to professional web designers around the world.