Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the competition?
The motivation behind the tournament is to raise the profile of technology education to young children in Texas. It has three specific aims:
  • To raise the profile of Technology Education as an important and exciting tool for community success.
  • To provide teachers with a new approach to motivating and enthusing students to learn.
  • The tournament is aimed not only at technology teachers but to teachers of other subjects in which computing tools and techniques are increasingly being applied. In doing so we hoped to communicate the way in which technology is increasingly enabling advances in other discipline areas.
Can I use any program to make my animation? We can only accept animations created using Scratch. We regret that animations created using any other system are not eligible for the competition. We have taken this decision in order to create a balance between establishing some consistency between entries.

Can I make an animation about anything I want? Your animation can be about anything you want, with one constraint: it must be inspired by theme of the competition. It might tell a story, or explain or demonstrate something - the only limit is your imagination! Click here to learn more about the theme...>>

How do I submit my entry to the competition? Entries are made using our on-line submissions form. We regret we cannot accept entries submitted by any other method. Submit today...>>
My animation is longer than 1 minute. Will it be considered? Yes.  Only the first 60 seconds will be considered. Anything after this will be disregarded.
Who do I contact if I have a technical problem with competition software? The scratch developers of the animation software have online support for their software.

Can I use copyrighted material such as music or images in an animation? Sure, as long as you own the copyright to that material i.e. you have obtained a copy legally. If your entry incorporates music or sound samples, or images, or any material you have obtained from some other source, you must own the rights to use that material. If you don't have rights to use the material, then, if you win a prize in our competition, and your work is displayed publicly, you may find yourself in breach of copyright.  

What is Scratch? Scratch is freely-available interactive multimedia educational software from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is intended to teach basic computer programming  concepts using simple manipulations of graphics, images and shapes.

How to Download Scratch: Scratch is available as a free download from, where you can also find teaching materials and tutorials.