Google Apps Setup Packages

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Services Works Setup Fast-track Setup Comprehensive Setup
Account Verification YES YES YES
DNS Settings (CNAME, MX records) YES YES YES
Email activation YES YES YES
Calendar, Docs, Sites activation YES YES YES
Users setup and provisioning YES YES YES
Desktop/Mobile access instructions YES YES YES
Dedicated phone support included NO NO YES
Setup completion(turnaround) time 5 to 7 days business days 48hrs 48hrs
Type of domain/webhosting provider Full access to modify MX/CNAME need to be provided All All
One of the following services included for free: NO NO YES
   Dual delivery setup(upto 10 users)
   Postini Setup
   Salesforce Integration
   Shared Contacts Setup
   Reporting Dashboard
COST $69.99 $99.99 $199.99
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