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Enhanced intelligence, reasoning skills and understanding early!

posted Jul 13, 2009, 3:18 PM by TexasTechies .org   [ updated Jul 13, 2009, 3:22 PM ]
Importance of Technology Literacy in 21st-Century America
U.S.A. Technology Advantage, By Kimberly Bunch

Teachers and students have incorporated living in a tech world into the classroom. Thereby, making their experience a richer one that is enjoyable. Technology has enhanced intelligence, reasoning skills and understanding. Kids' have more confidence and independence of thinking for problem solving. The drop out rate has decreased from the average 20 to 25%. Students want to go to school and learn, thanks to having technology in the classrooms.
Technology has been officially incorporated in the mainstream public schools, and is changing lives. Every form of ease for students learning and knowledge development is assisted with the use of computers, hardware devices, software and other forms of tech tools that build comprehension IQ scores in the life of the average American student(s).
School Systems
The future depends on our students. They will need to increase their technical skills in order to produce ground breaking new inventions in all areas, especially for: medical, military and scientific. Teachers are using software to help students with every subject in schools.
All U.S. students in public schools from K -12th grade use some form of software in their education. Using the Internet for classroom assignment research and basic understanding of critical thinking, problem solving, knowing digitally skills and daily texting; makes student multi literate, communicate efficiently and collaborate visually, along with basic skills just for academic standards from their basic understanding and knowledge of use of how they are living with technology by having incorporated it into their lives.
Students need schools that will challenge them and technology does that. It is remarkable the majority of students that developed confidence, knowledge for a better richer life by having been educated in the age of technology. It will change their lives for the better as long as they are in schools that incorporate technology into the curriculum. Having an advanced understanding of how things work produces better individuals that are self sufficient and they will know what they want out of life.
Every school is required to incorporate technology into the classrooms. A smart desktop into their class. Teachers can use electronic grade books, diagnostic testing and other forms of instruction to monitor and modify student daily progress. Smart desktop technology gathers and analyzes data for the teacher or even for students use in collecting certain information. Teachers
help establish a basic understanding of what is required, expected and needed in their classroom's. One of the most important actions schools and districts take regarding new interventions is to collect data on them to see how well they are working, to raise student achievement.
Schools need teachers that want to use technology to better the lives of their students by enriching their minds and the students by making learning easier with the use of computers in the classrooms and other learning equipment that will help teacher and students alike. Student that are going on to careers once they leave school must have been educated with an advanced understanding of technology to succeed in finding employment in the working world.
America is always looking to improve and advance understanding and knowledge in any given area . The School District is always working towards improvements with every aspect of how children learn and what they are learning. Data analysis help with knowing what areas to improve by providing the necessary information needed to make the correct changes or choices in planing and incorporating technical skills.
Any form of disability is assisted with some form of modern technology to help the person/student with their disability. Disabled Students can use computers to help them better understand a given subject. Which helps in teaching these students just as with all the other students in public schools. For the Special Ed
students are using software that is at the individuals pace. Thereby, assisting them with the best frame of learning; to enhance their understanding and development achievements.
Teaching Platforms

Encarta Class Server and other forms of platforms that help teachers to electronically manage the five major area of teaching: curriculum standards, lesson plans, content, assignment and assessments. Students can access their assignments wherever there is Internet access. With classroom servers students can complete assignments and receive teacher comments that help students stay on track and motivated towards their schooling curriculum.

Technology has changed lives. Learning has become easier with the use of the Internet and all the other gadgets, software, e-mail, texting and digital instruments that connect us to the rest of the world. Everything you ever wanted to know is right there at your fingertips. In the future by using this sophisticated technology will enhance the knowledge and understanding on a global level; making the future better for all mankind for future generations to come.