posted Jun 20, 2009, 9:12 PM by TexasTechies .org   [ updated Jun 20, 2009, 9:24 PM ]
Seeking Corporate Sponsorship - Texas Techies has launched a new Adopt-A-Class program. 
    While we work hard to keep Texas Techies Computer Classes (TTCC) affordable, we recognize not every family has the means to pay for extras like TTCC.  Children on the other side of the 'digital divide' are not prepared to benefit from the use of technology in today’s educational system.  At a critical time in their development, many have not had the opportunity to learn how to use the tools that will be a central component in both their personal and professional lives.

    Corporate sponsors are helping bridge the digital divide by “adopting” child classes and providing TTCC computer classes to every student.  Following each lesson, sponsors are provided with an attendance sheet and progress report that outlines the program used and the emphasis points covered in that day’s class.  Emphasis points are the skills and terminology taught in a logical and progressive manner, which give children a better appreciation and understanding of the computer as a tool.  If you are interested in the Adopt-A-Class program, please contact us at