Texas Techies Animator 2010 Winners Announced

posted Nov 19, 2010, 3:52 AM by TexasTechies .org   [ updated Nov 19, 2010, 3:56 AM ]
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Corpus Christi area school children registered for the competition and spent the past two months creating their own animations, games, stories, art and music for submission to the Texas Techies Animator 2010 competition. 43 projects successfully qualified in the semi-finals.  10 students made the final cut and were selected as the finalists.

We are pleased to announce that Joshua Holzworth from Richard King High School is the winner of our Texas Techies Animator 2010 competition. The judges chose her entry out of 10 finalists who competed. Joshua, a 12th grader, is a student of Katherine Hewett, the Digital Technology teacher at Richard King High School. He received his brand new Apple iPod touch and championship award at the event on November 18, 2010 and his animation will be showcased at the Scratch MIT website. Congratulations, Joshua!

We also want to congratulate all of the finalists who competed; we received many outstanding entires. Our only regret is that there could only be 10 finalists.

The Results are as follows:
Position First Name Last Name Grade Animation Title
1st Place Joshua Holzworth 12th Time Attack - Survival
2nd Place Cayce Berryman 12th Sally's Time Travel Adventure
3rd Place Nicholas Young 11th Time Traveling Wizard
4th Place Peyton Page 11th Stick Guy
5th Place Paulina Flores 12th Graveyard Picnic
6th Finalist Adam Benning 9th Library of Alexandria
7th Finalist Alex     Brown 11th Shablaam
8th Finalist Kyle Bagwell 11th O.B.B. Adventures
9th Finalist Brittany Garza 11th Time to Pong
10th Finalist Robert West 10th Brother Misfortune

We would also like to thank everyone who participated in this great event. Your willingness to support Texas Techies made a great difference to the entire event and we couldn't have pulled it off without you. Thank you!