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"I absolutely love your program. It has allowed me to home school a child who has special needs. My son was is 13 and labeled with a learning disability and short term memory loss. The progress for my son has been amazing. He has not only improved in reading but spelling and keyboarding as well. Best of all it has helped his self confidence. Nora Hoey, Homeschool Parent

Home school expert phonics reading program instruction

Home school parents no longer need to be qualified reading instructors for their children to be taught by an expert reading tutor because Dr. J. Ron Nelson wrote every word the onscreen instructor says.

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Home school parents can purchase a beginning reading program with complete confidence that they are buying the best for those they love the most. ClickN READ Phonics is the ONLY reading program that is guaranteed to teach your child to learn to read or your money back.

Home School research based phonics curriculum:
Home school parents can provide the same research based reading instruction that is taught at USA public schools right in the comfort of their home school setting. Our phonics program is based on the same early reading research, and contains the entire phonics curriculum taught at USA Schools.

Home school parents who have children with learning disabilities:
Parents with children who have autism, dyslexia and down syndrome, among others, no longer need to try to find specialized products designed specifically for a particular disability. ClickN READ Phonics has proven to work for many learning disabilities and special needs with both children and adults. We guarantee it will work, period!

For home schoolers who may be accountable to a local school district, detailed assessment reports for each lesson plus a cumulative report showing progress over time are stored and accessed online for easy review from any internet connected computer, whether at home, a school a library or anywhere.

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"My son is 6, and I had been struggling to teach him phonics. We were getting nowhere until someone suggested this program. Within the first week he was getting his phonics down and he is reading small books completely to me now! As homeschoolers, this program is a necessity!" Diane Hall, Homeschool Parent, Clarksville, FL

"This is a great program for children with dyslexia who struggle to decode. As a homeschooling mom, I greatly appreciate the professional quality of this program. As a trained learning disabilities specialist, I am very impressed." Teresa Althoff M.D., Homeschool Parent Bucyrus, KS

"I am an unschooler.  That is why I love your program so much.  My children love to do it. It is amazing to see how much they learn just from one short lesson a day." Stacy Ordakowski, Homeschool Parent, Clarkston, MI

"Many thanks for your great program! I am a homeschooling mother of a 9 year old with autism and thanks to ClickN READ Phonics she is finally learning how to read! It's very exciting to watch." Helen Baxter, Homeschool Parent, Canberra, Australia

"As a home schooling mother of a three and four and a half year old, I have been looking for a program to eventually help me teach my children the fundamentals of reading. However, I did not know if my 4 1/2 year old son would be interested enough to use the program and begin reading yet. We have discovered that our son loves the program!" The Jarrett Family, Homeschool Parent, Ocean Springs, MS