Enjoy the power of technology at your golden age!

“I wish i could e-mail grandpa photos of his grandkids in California.”

How many of us have elderly relatives or know of elderly family friends who we wished could benefit from computer technology but are simply too afraid, too busy or think they can’t learn this new stuff?

It is becoming increasingly important and necessary for seniors to get “online” and “enjoy the Internet experience.”

Senior Texas Techie services are designed for older adults in the Corpus Christi, Texas area.  Whether you have never seen a computer or just want to expand your current skills, we have classes designed for you.

Senior Texas Techie is Corpus Christi’s only portable provider of technology services for older adults.  We can help you use computers to enhance your life and enable you to share your knowledge and wisdom with the world.

Senior Texas Techie is unique in that it can bring it’s portable computer lab to you! Each golden ager will work one-to-one, individually on a laptop. Our computers are set up with senior-friendly components, such as larger text and graphics. This makes the experience for seniors easily accessible, and you can take advantage of our classes where you feel most comfortable, indoors or outdoors.

Because our lab is portable, services can be typically held in retirement communities, community centers, activity centers, and other meeting areas throughout the Corpus Christi area. This allows facilities to provide computer services to their members without the added costs of computers, materials and instructors.

Services may be conducted on your own computer or ours.

To find out how to have the service provided at your facility or arrange for a private techie service call us today at 361-774-7454

Learning how to use a computer can seem incredibly daunting to seniors. A poll from the Pew Internet & American Life Project reveals that the vast majority of the ambulatory, active seniors - those who do not necessarily even need special software or hardware - have no intention of going online.  According to the latest data, there are around 22 million Americans over 65 who never have and will never use the Internet. The Pew survey states that 84 percent of those over 65 currently do not use the Internet. Of those, 79 percent say they don’t intend to try.

The reality, of course, is that as technology evolves, many tasks that used to be done in analog fashion are now online. Many of these activities are made to order by Senior Texas Techies:

  • Writing to relatives and staying in touch with those far away.
  • Writing an online journal or book.
  • Taking photos and sharing then with relatives and those far away.
  • Reading online newspapers.
  • Receiving newsletters on all topics of interest.
  • Doing research on disease and medical conditions.

information adapted from: http://www.pewinternet.org and http://www.aroundhawaii.com

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