Senior Texas Techies

Enjoy the internet experience at your golden age! 

“I wish I could e-mail grandpa photos of his grandkids in California.” 

How many of us have elderly relatives or know of elderly family friends who we wished could benefit from computer technology but are simply too afraid, too busy or think they can’t learn this new stuff? 

It is becoming increasingly important and necessary for seniors to get “online” and “enjoy the Internet experience.”

With the support of our partners we provide a computer with a wireless internet connection. Services include, but are not limited to: 
  • E-mail: Writing to relatives and staying in touch with those far away. 
  • Digital Photo Sharing: Taking photos and sharing them with friends and relatives. 
  • Video Message: Create and send video messages to friends, relatives. 
  • Writing: Online journals and books. 
  • Geneology: Creating family trees. 
  • Newspapers: Reading online newspapers and magazines. 
  • Health: Doing research on disease and medical conditions. 
Cost: All PowerUp and Texas Techies programs are offered at no cost. Call us today! 361-239-8760 or